Make a Movie With Your Smartphone

July 19, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Anyone can make a full-fledged film in her/his smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or a cheap old Android. Your smartphone’s camera and microphone are so good that even your old phone can make a movie. The only thing you need is a smartphone and a story to tell. During each class, we’ll cover subjects such as:

• Telling Your Story to an Audience

• Script Writing

• Storyboarding vs. Shot Lists

• Framing a Shot

• Lighting

• Sound

• What Makes for Good Timing?

• Best/Cheapest Apps

• Editing

• Dumping Files to Computer

• Casting

• Directing

• Publicizing Completed Projects


Materials Needed:

• A smartphone that can connect to the internet and take updates

• An idea for a story

• A laptop or desktop computer (highly beneficial but not absolutely required)

The Teacher: Zack Rouse is Technical Director at the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts, and Artistic Director for Children’s Theatre Humboldt. He received his BA in Theatre Arts from Humboldt State University, and has performed professionally at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Oregon Children’s Theatre, Seattle Public Theatre, and more. He has produced/directed 15 independent theatrical productions over twenty years in Humboldt, in the Bay Area, and in Portland. Zack’s current endeavor is to revitalize Vagabond Player’s Children’s Theatre (now Chlidren’s Theatre Humboldt), a program of the Ink People, in order to provide Humboldt Community’s families with professional family theatre arts programming. If you enjoy this class and would like to see more like it, you are encouraged to donate to CTH’s ongoing fundraising campaign to secure a dedicated theatre space for families here in Humboldt County.

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